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The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA BULKINSPECTOR PYC 130A gas pycnometer from an angle at the front, the front and top covers are open. The tablet with the opened app for operation, as well as the tablet tray with the indicator light for operational readiness and the USB charging port.
Our BULKINSPECTOR comes with a mobile touchscreen controlling unit, an integrated tray with indicator lights for operational readiness and an USB charging port.
A person operates the BULKINSPECTOR pycnometer via tablet, it shows the start menu. Here you can choose whether you want to make a measurement, set the sample parameters or measurement parameters, calibrate the device, display the results or change general settings.
3D graphic of the interior view, you can see the handling device, the measuring unit, the weighing device, as well as the unloading unit.
Interior view with handling device, the measuring cell, the weighing device and the unloading unit.
BULKINSPECTOR Gas Pycnometer - front view, closed.
The BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer with an upstream downpipe swivel sampler as an example installation situation in an automated process for quality control of the porosity of bulk materials.
Automatic sampling from the downpipe with analysis in the pycnometer
Animation of the function of the BULKINSPECTOR, here you can see the measuring unit of the density meter. A density determination is taking place, a manometer shows the pressure. The shown measuring unit consists among others of the measuring cell, the expansion volume, the temperature sensors and the pressure sensors.
Measuring unit.
Rear view of the pycnometer
Rear view with various connections, including compressed air, sample gas, suction, power supply and data exchange
Side view of the BULKINSPECTOR, you can see an empty waste container into which the analyzed sample is discarded.
Collection bottle for analyzed material
The robot arm places the filled sample vessel on the integrated scale for the automated weighing process
Automated weighing process
The BULKINSPECTOR for skeletal density determination in the view from the front left with tablet control, the power button glows orange
The BULKINSPECTOR for skeletal density determination with mobile control device
Interior view of the pycnometer. The robot arm automatically removes the selected measuring cup size from the holding device
The machine has different measuring cup sizes
Cleaning out the measuring cup via a compressed air nozzle in the emptying device of the analyzer to determine the true density
The measuring cup is cleaned with compressed air and is then ready to receive the next sample.
BULKINSPECTOR Gas Pycnometer - front view, open.